Scandalous! COVID Policy Skeptic ‘De-Banked’

Dr. Joseph Mercola

First the Coutts Bank, in the UK, shut down Nigel Farage’s accounts, to punish him for voicing skepticism of government COVID policy. The immediate backlash forced the Coutts CEO to resign… for “mishandling” the situation.

Now, here in America, and for the same reason, Dr. Joseph Mercola has been “de-banked” by JP Morgan Chase ( Not only him, but quite a few of his employees… and members of their families.

“This is what the new social credit system looks like,” Dr. Mercola said. China uses a “social credit system” to stifle its skeptics. Say the wrong thing, and you can’t buy food anymore.

Chase Bank has given no specific reason for its action… beyond “unusual activities,” undefined, and unspecified “legal reasons.”

Dr. Mercola has been a prominent questioner of government COVID-19 policies, for which he has been attacked by the New York Times as “the most influential spreader of Coronavirus.” 

Isn’t there some kind of law that says we have a right to question public policy without fear of getting crushed by government and its private-sector henchmen? Oh, yeah–it’s called the First Amendment. Apparently it doesn’t apply to Dr. Mercola, his employees, and their families. I wonder if their neighbors are safe? How about kids who went to school with Dr. Mercola when he was a boy? Really–where does this stop?

America’s most dangerous enemies are all home-grown.

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  1. We had Dr. Peter Mccullough speak at our City Elders meeting. It is interesting how all the things he is saying about the negative effects of the Covid vaccine, masks, shutdowns, etc. are the same things that the one running for President as a Democrat, RFK, Jr., and he is being censored as well..

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