To Impeach or Not to Impeach

Someday there’ll be no one there to pick him up.

Pardon the political aside. I confess this question fascinates me.

Republicans on Capitol Hill are dithering, hemming, and hawing about which corrupt Biden puppet they should impeach first, or impeach at all, or whether they should go after SloJo himself. At the rate they’re going, everyone will die before they reach a decision.

It has been proposed to leave SloJo alone, don’t impeach him–leave the Democrats holding that stinking, rotting bag. Oh, go after Garland, Mayorkas, and some of the other stooges. But leave SloJo twisting in the wind. Especially since the Democrat Senate will never, never, never vote him out of office. He could’ve flown a Zero at Pearl Harbor and they still wouldn’t oust him.

Napoleon said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is taking a mistake.” It looks to me like the Democrats will be making a mistake no matter what they do.

If they throw Biden under the bus, a lot of very corrupt and unpleasant people will go down with him, and they’ll crave revenge. This could cripple The Party, maybe even split it. Can you give me hallelujah?

But if they keep him on the ticket at all costs, that could be just as bad. He would have to overcome his obvious physical and mental deterioration, a myriad of corruption scandals, the whole “My son Hunter!” thing, inflation, censorship, Afghanistan… Face it, Dems: his term in office has not been a success.

True, the nooze media will do everything in their power to saddle us with this zombie for another four years. The Dems themselves have black belts in election fraud.

But they are scared. You can taste it in the wind.

May God confound them.

5 comments on “To Impeach or Not to Impeach

  1. They don’t have to put SloJo on the ballot next year. They’ll just find a different animated dummy as a front for their activities, find a way for SloJo to step down under the impression that he’s going out for ice cream or something, and then use their Magical Mail-In Ballot Machine to make sure their new animated dummy is “elected.”

  2. As the special committees in the House continue to gather information on Biden’s bribery activities the weight of it will become so great that they will have to impeach him. If there are enough votes in the Senate to convict, Biden will probably resign using his health as an excuse.

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