Hire Haunter Bydin!!!!

New footage has emerged of Hunter Biden smoking drugs, drinking and fondling himself while floating in a sensory deprivation tank in January 2019

Wee “The” Peeple of The Stoodint Soviet “of” This heer Collidge, we reckamend and dee-mand the collidge shood aut To Hire Haunter Bydin as a prefesser becose “his” father it Is Pressadint Jobydin and aslo he is jist “so” coool!!!!!!

Lookit that thare pixture!!! Hoo else wood taik “that” kyned Of pixture??? We say Haunter Bydin he “Is” a Souper Heero!!!!!!!!!! Aslo he kindof “looks” lyke one!

He doughnt has to Teech nothing “to be a” prefesser!! Oar elst “he” can Teech enny thing he whants!!! He knows a Lott! abuot kemisstry And art!!!! Has yiu seeen his “Pain”tings?? Eat yore hart out, Van Go!!!!

We dee-mannd that Repubickans thay stop hardassing himb, he hassnt done nothing rawng, “thay” “Are” ownly Out To Get Him becawse Darnold Trump he payed themb “to” doo it!!!!!!! We caul Foar a Genderal Stryke heer “at” “the” collidge and aslo evryware ellst untill Trumpt he “is” “in” jale and Haunter Bydin he is toadally Free and beeing “a” Prefesser heer At Collidge!! He is a Souper Heero!!! I cantt “say” that enuph!!!

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  1. Aren’t they already doing “genderal” strikes — mostly on minors — at hospitals all over the country? Oh, pardon me, that’s not what you mean, is it, Joe? (Sorry to hijack the topic, Lee, but I couldn’t resist the pun.)

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