‘If You Can’t Believe the Truth, Believe a Lie’ (2019)

Red for Ed will win Arizona's school funding war. Here's why

“Red for ed”–they’re not hiding it, folks. 

You don’t hear all that much, these days, about using the public schools to convert America to socialism. It’s sort of been crowded off center stage by transgender mania and Climbit Chainge hysteria. But don’t think it’s gone away.

If You Can’t Believe the Truth, Believe a Lie

The subject changes, but never the objective. Just now the teachers’ unions have committed to turning boys into fake girls and girls into fake boys. The objective is to create some weird atheist utopia. That’s what never changes.

And if you send your kids to public schools run by teachers’ unions… well, you’re helping them do it.

8 comments on “‘If You Can’t Believe the Truth, Believe a Lie’ (2019)

  1. It is a horror to consider what is scheduled to face our great grandchildren. The truth is no longer considered the truth, and any bizarre teaching is accepted. ooooh, what a “hell” our society has fallen into. God help us.

  2. At the rate that they’re sterilizing this generation of children — “trans” drugs and mutilations, queerifications, mRNA and modRNA jabs, etc. — there may not be any great grandchildren.

  3. Makes you wonder, but I already have three great grans, one who is in grade school already.

  4. Doesn’t anyone study history anymore? Search out any country that transitioned to socialism and you will see widespread murder by the government of its own people, loss of basic freedoms, and a dictatorship by a small group of people at the top of the apex.

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