Sanders: Prosecute ‘Climate Change’ Dissent!

Bernie Sanders Thinks It's Okay For You To Be Angry About Capitalism, Too :  1A : NPR

“Did I hear a mutter of dissent? Officer, arrest that man!”

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Man, when I went to college in the 60s, “dissent” was preached to us as the supreme civic virtue, an end in itself, noble, glorious, worshipful, blah-blah… But even then it was obvious that you were never, never, never to “dissent” from any position held by Far Left Crazy. ‘Cause then you’d be a fascist.

Nothing ever changes, does it?

Wacko lefty Senator Bernie Sanders, joined by three others of his ilk, has sent a letter to the Justice (LOL!) Dept. demanding the prosecution of fossil fuel industry execs for supposedly wrecking the climate and denying they’re doing it ( And for dissenting from “Climate Change” dogma.

Some of us have wondered, “Don’t these people read history? Don’t they know what happens when a country sinks into socialism? The purges, the labor camps, the firing squads, the poverty–!”

But I’m beginning to think that those are the very things which attract perverse spirits to socialism. I think they like those things and want to use them against other people.

I’m not buying “good intentions” anymore.

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  1. Most of the people clamoring for a socialist system — including silencing of opposition — don’t seem to realize that they’ll be among the first into the gulag. Useful idiots are seldom kept around after they’ve installed the overlords who’ve used them.

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