Kicked Out of Restaurant for Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat

Hey! Y’know that party that’s always going on about tolerance and “social justice,” blah-blah-blah? They’re kicking people out of restaurants for wearing MAGA hats or T-shirts and thereby supporting Donald Trump… which supposedly equals “hate speech” and “misogyny” and “homophobia.”

The incident depicted here was a simulation. The customers who finally got up and left because they couldn’t take any more of the Far Left fat-head manager demanding that the MAGA guy either remove his hat or leave–those customers weren’t in on it.They really were disgusted.

As I searched for this video, I discovered there were a lot of un-staged incidents just like this in other restaurants throughout the country.

Oh, how they would love to jail us for our politics! How they’d love to impose a China-style “social credit system” on America–if your mind ain’t right, you can’t ride the train.

How could a republic full of clever men and women have been so thoroughly hijacked by numbskulls?

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