What’s With These Movie Disasters?

The Quartering Cringe Compilation on Twitter: "I like how there were plenty  of different and strange takes on Snow White's story and character, but no  one really cared. However, latina Snow White

It’s not just Disney Corp’s new Snow White movie that’s having a total meltdown. It’s only No. 9 or 10 in an unbroken series of box-office bombs. Obviously they have no idea of what they’re doing wrong… or they wouldn’t keep doing it. Would they? So hard to tell with Wokies!

Here are some things those movies have in common.

*They are all based on earlier movies or, in “The Haunted Mansion,” a Disney theme park ride. You take a classic feature-length cartoon and try to turn it into a live-action movie. Or you could use a ride or a toy or a TV show. This is not originality.

*If they’re not based on Disney capers, they’re based on Marvel Comics. I’m so sick of superheroes, I could heave. That doesn’t stop Disney from cranking them out. (“Stop, please stop! Enough, enough!”) But Disney bought Marvel, and a few other companies, too–and now it’s just too big. Alexander the Great’s empire was too big to stay in one piece. So is Disney’s empire.

*Every Disney movie now is steeped in Woke-ness. This insults and antagonizes millions of potential viewers. “Hey! We despise you and everything you stand for–and your country sucks, too! Hope you like our movies.” Woke is abominable. Normal people loathe it. Disney has picked the wrong side of the cultural divide.

*No matter how many times they fail, they just keep on doing the same damned things over and over again. Unoriginal, confused, and culturally hostile–that’s the Disney formula.

And if they don’t change, drastically, their corporation might collapse.

(Not a dry eye on the house!)

4 comments on “What’s With These Movie Disasters?

  1. Poor Walt Disney – he had built such a great legacy. They should change the Disney name to something else to reflect their present-day values as a way to dishonoring the American values Walt built his company on.

  2. Would heads really roll if Mr. Walt Disney came back? I have a suspicion that might not be the case with him and his MAGIC KINGDOM. I have looked a bit into his background, and obsession with magic, and other black arts, and the occult. You can find that kind of stuff all the way back to some of his first cartoons and books. Ugly and evil things, most of the time start from small seeds, and just ideas. This just might be the kind of fruit he was hoping would grow out of his magic and occult.

    We may never know the truth, but what Disney is producing now, is pure evil. May that kingdom fall and burn in hell. May the people involved with that evil repent, or Lord judge them, and let godliness arise from the ashes.

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