Today’s Our Anniversary

46th Wedding Anniversary Funny Pear Couple Gift Digital Art ...

It’s our 46th wedding anniversary and we are surrounded by electronic doodads that just don’t freakin’ work. At the moment it’s our phone.

I have it in my mind not to cover any nooze today, try to take it as a holiday. We have crab cakes set aside for supper. I was scanning nooze yesterday afternoon and wound up just bagging the whole thing. So much crap going on, I couldn’t imagine where to start. Where do you even begin?

Have you noticed the media’s Two Takes on Biden? Fascinating. Take One: Biden is great, his presidency is great, and he will easily beat Trump. Take Two: The guy’s a disaster–who do we have to replace him?

And that’s all I want to say about that today. Let’s take a peek at the movies.

12 comments on “Today’s Our Anniversary

  1. You can count yourselves blessed when you see so many who start out well, but split up in only a short time. A long marriage says something wonderful about you. Have a very blessed day.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your wife. Our 47th was on the 7th and with our work schedule as it is we celebrated with some store-bought pineapple upside down cake and some ice cream. We prayed together and then off to work we went.

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