When They Wanted Us All to Be ‘Rebels’

Remember “the Dodge Rebellion”? It was among the more obnoxious ad campaigns of the 1960s. This commercial is from 1966.

“Join the Dodge Rebellion!” It was the Sixties. You were supposed to be a “rebel.”

But now that the former rebels are in charge, “dissent” from their program is censored, canceled, hated, feared, and punished. Remember Democrats “questioning” Trump’s election? George W. Bush’s? But now it’s a thought crime to question Comrade Biden’s election, surely the dirtiest we’ve ever seen.

In 1966 it was chic to be a “rebel.” And so very easy, too! Acquire a Dodge car and presto! you’re a rebel. Didn’t have to attend any consciousness-raising sessions to make sure your mind was right.

Yeah, it was easy to join the great rebellion, the counterculture.

But now they won’t make it easy to get out.

5 comments on “When They Wanted Us All to Be ‘Rebels’

  1. A sexist commercial – what about “Dodge Girls?” My brother has a classic Dodge Charger he enters in car shows. It is amazing how much money people will put into an old car.

    1. They should have advertised the Dodge cars that carried Roy Chapman Andrews’ expeditions all across the Gobi Desert. Now those were cars!

  2. In 1961 Johnny Cash sang about “The Rebel” Johnny Yuma. The Crystals sang about their boyfriends and turned it into a No. 1 hit in November of 1962 titled “He’s a Rebel.” What about the 1964 song, “Leader of the Pack,” by the Shangri-las. And the infamous “Leader of the Laundromat” by the Detergents. I wept at the end, when he ran into the street directly into the path of a runaway garbage truck. And in 1964 there was a bit of fightin’ going on, with “The Bobby Fuller Four” as they ran afoul of the law, but only one didn’t chicken out, and he alone could say: “I Fought the Law.” In 1965, Bob Dylan refused to work on “Maggie’s Farm.” And then in 1968, it seems some were fighting with “Rolling Stones” which were used against the “Street Fighting Man.” And in 1970 R Dean Taylor had some dispute with the law and could not go home, for he lamented, “Indiana Wants Me.”

  3. Yeah, it is amazing how much money people will put into an old car. I have poured much into my old van, and its still hungry for more repairs, and fixes, and then clamors for more, alignments, new tires, a new paint job, parts for the engine, a weld for the frame, new shocks for all four tires (yep the price was a real shock). It drinks five gallons of oil every month, even if it isn’t driven. And every time I just walk by it, I hear it whisper, “feed me, feed me now.”

    Oh, did you mean classic cars? Its too bad my van isn’t a classic. But if I keep pouring money into it, I am sure, someday it will be a classic.

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