Take a Knee (Where It Hurts!)

Giants' pitcher Sam Coonrod refuses to kneel during Black Lives Matter  moment because of faith: 'I'm a Christian' | Fox News

Astoundingly docile people, aren’t we?

A Virginia Tech women’s soccer player will be paid  $100,000 to settle a lawsuit against the university (https://www.cleveland.com/news/2023/01/college-soccer-player-wins-100000-settlement-after-refusing-to-kneel-during-pregame-ceremony.html).

She sued them because the coach demanded the team “take a knee” to show “solidarity” with BLM rioters. When she refused the order compelling her speech, he verbally abused her, benched her, and eventually forced her to leave the team.

Compelled speech! It’s what makes leftids drool. To Democrats, it’s poetry come to life. Make someone say he believes something that he does not believe in; make her say she endorses what she finds despicable. That’s how it’s done, son!

The “school” asked the judge to dismiss the suit. Nothing doing. So they settled. Probably cheaper than going to trial. Universities have tons of money, though. This lost $100K won’t make them change their ways.

Leftism has damaged our republic in ways that won’t be easily repaired. And out in front of the charge against our liberties is (ahem!) “higher education.”


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  1. Thank the Lord there are some who will not allow evil to stand. I will never show “solidarity” with BLM rioters or any of the alphabet people. That is a line I will not cross.

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