Oh, Pet Rats!

Rats make wonderful pets, as this video clearly shows. They’re affectionate, playful, and really, really smart–quick to learn new things. Their only drawback is a short life-span. But if they had a long one, they might be keeping us as pets.

2 comments on “Oh, Pet Rats!

  1. I had a mouse and a gerbil when I was in my twenties. I often took my mouse out with me and kept her as best I could in a shirt pocket or in a little crocheted bag I made for her. I cried like the dickens when she died. The gerbil wasn’t as cute and cuddly but he was fun to watch him hopping around.

    1. Yes, mice are very nice pets; I’ve had any of them. They’re more businesslike than rats, but also quite affectionate. I had a mouse who used to run around the living room and always came running back to me when she thought she’d gone far enough.

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