Josh to the Rescue

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(I’ll try to get back to doing nooze sometime today. I don’t know when.)

As our car crisis lurches its way toward disaster, we have one high card left to play–our neighbor, Joshua. We have some mighty good neighbors around here, and he’s one of them. Moreover, he’s a car guy. He knows cars.

Yesterday he went to the body shop and took pictures of Patty’s car, and today he means to scout around and try to find someplace where they’ll do the job. He is going very far out of his way to help us, and we won’t forget it.

So yesterday the message was “Too much work, ain’t worth doin’,” and today it’s “Your car won’t run in reverse” (although I had no trouble backing it out from where it had been pushed–but they didn’t believe me). We don’t know what’s happening with this body shop, and maybe Josh can find a better one.

Please keep praying for us, folks.

6 comments on “Josh to the Rescue

  1. I’ve been praying and I’ll keep on praying. Maybe this is a good time to revisit Voice of Eden’s “We Are Not Alone.”

  2. Hello, Mr. Lee Duigon. I wanted to tell you that my own father, Wilton Passos, decided to revise your book, because his friend is taking too long to do it, and it seems he forgot. Every day, my dad is reading with me and my sister a translated chapter of The Cellar Beneath The Cellar to see if everything is correct. This morning we finished reading chapter twelve, “Obst Among the Chieftains”. My dad is really enjoying your story. He is looking forward to finishing the review.

    1. So nice to hear from you again, Katheleen!
      My publisher is interested in having a Portuguese translation of the books, so please keep us posted on your progress.
      And say “Hi!” and thank you to your dad from me.

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