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Why did the Gauls not stay after they had sacked Rome in the 4th century  BC? - Quora

This will be the first time I’ve ever run a post two days in a row. I only do it because, to me, the historical parallel fairly screams to me, “Learn from this, America!”

When the Gauls Burnt Rome

Rome was nearly erased from history when the city was taken and burned by the Gauls. How did it happen? The Romans had forced Camillus, their most capable leader, into exile; ignored reports that the Gauls were coming after them in great strength; refused to suspend their own political bickering; and were found completely unready for the crisis.

The Romans were only rescued because they repented of their folly, put their trust in their religious beliefs–and called back Camillus. He took charge and totally defeated the Gauls. Restored to his place, he then succeeded in defeating a proposal to abandon the shattered city and live elsewhere.

Is it saying too much to say that God had reserved Camillus for this very purpose?

And is it too much to say that President Donald Trump is our Camillus?

We need to put him back in office.

And we need to repent and turn back to God.

Stop doing stupid, evil, self-destructive stuff!

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  1. Only time will tell. I pray for America daily. As far as we have fallen from the ideals of the past, this nation is still a refuge for many fine people, from many places. As I write this, a friend of mine is receiving medical care. Many of the nurses are immigrants from Africa, many of whom profess Christianity. That tells me that the US is still a destination of choice for people seeking freedom of worship. I mention this in my daily prayers.

  2. Under the corrupt Caesars Drag Queens were popular. They were men who castrated themselves and painted themselves to look like women so they could serve their female goddess. As Ecclesiastes says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Jonathan Caan has books out that say the same demons that were in the Bible are now in America – you know, Baal, Asherah, etc.

    1. That would have been literally unthinkable in Camillus’ time. Rome’s degeneracy was still a few hundred years in the future.

  3. Those demons from ages past, have not gone anywhere, and yes, I think they are letting their presence be known once again. They probably have two headquarters set up, one in Hollywood, and in Washington DC, in the Oval Office.

    1. That’s a good point. The spirit forces seeking to harm mankind have been with us for a very long time, and have been a negative influence since long before the days of the Roman Empire. They know the vulnerabilities of the human race, and they’ve seen what has worked in the past.

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