Germany and Liberty: It Just Won’t Work

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I am so glad my family didn’t stay in Germany!

They try and try to build Germany into a free country, but they just can’t kick old habits of authoritarianism and heavy-handedness.

The German government is busily setting up “tip-off points” in private companies and in public agencies where anyone can be an anonymous “whistle-blower.” The idea is to encourage snitching and tattling–to report “loyalty” lapses, criticism of “Transgender,” and other failures to render unconditional obedience (

Well, why not? In fact, the government is running behind a group who’s set up “anti-feminism” tip-off points and Greenpeace, who wants to know about people failing to use reusable coffee cups.The government hopes to surpass these efforts by creating “a huge surveillance apparatus”–everybody snitchin’ on everybody else!

(They’re makin’ a list, they’re checkin’ in twice, they’re gonna find out who’s naughty or nice… “Looks like we’re going to have to re-open the camps, comrade!”).

Won’t that be fun? You’ll never know who will be the first to turn you in, if the wrong sort of words escape your lips. It might be a family member at the supper table. It might be your paper boy. You won’t even know you’ve been ratted out until They come to your door to arrest you.

Democrats drool with envy.


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  1. That is so sad. My first husband was German, and when I said to him that “man is not capable of governing himself…”, he always came back with something like, …” oh yeah, we have written laws… etc.” Well, how is that working out for us? There is only one book of instructions, and that is God’s Book.

  2. Germany has a very dark history in the 20th century. Russia will never forgive them for their attack on Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and the tens of millions they killed in WWII.

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