‘Dems’ Teen Wiz Kid Bashes Old Folks’ (2018)

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David Hogg–remember him? A nasty little piece of work “who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more,” to borrow a line from Shakespeare.

He was surely being groomed for high office… until this happened.

Dems’ Teen Wiz Kid Bashes Old Folks

Oh, he had everything going for him! He was a survivor of a school shooting. He was a teenager. If you criticized him in any way, you were a bully. If he said anything that revealed his deep ignorance, you were supposed to give him a free pass.

But when he fell in love with himself and started nipping the ankles of senior Democrats who already occupied the top spots and weren’t about to move over–

Well, we haven’t heard bupkus from him anymore, have we? Wound up in the Land of Lost Toys with Mother Sheehan, didn’t he?

But The Party never runs out of useful idiots. Thank the schools and colleges for that.

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