Londoners Strike Back Against Big Brother

Let’s say you bought a new car two years ago–and suddenly you’re not allowed to drive it because the not-quite-British mayor of London has decided that you live in an “Ultra Low Emissions Zone” and you’ll incur a fine every time their shiny new cameras catch you doing it. The only kind of car they’ll let you drive is a new electric car you can’t afford.

One of these zones is a 56 square-mile swathe of suburban London, Sydenham; and here residents have vandalized or removed the spy cameras–156 out of 185 of them, some 90 percent (

Yes, this latest scheme to Save The Planet From Imaginary Man-Made Climbit Chainge has run into an obstacle.

Who was the Mensa candidate who decided to put up a sign with each camera, identifying it as a “traffic enforcement camera”? Well, now they know which cameras they’ll want to disable, don’t they? Which they do by cutting wires, pasting stickers over the lenses, or just plain stealing them.

They’re not only Climbit Chainge bullies ruling London; they’re stupid bullies. Why is that not the least bit surprising?

We don’t ordinarily hold with disobeying laws and destroying government property. But haven’t we been told that unjust, stupid, oppressive laws deserve civil disobedience? Didn’t we go to war against Great Britain, once upon a time, to get out from under a tyrannical government?

London’s Global Warming stooges have no one but themselves to blame for this.

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  1. I am hoping this will be the response when Biden Ad starts enforcing Covid-19 variants mandates and lockdowns – it is obviously coming. As for me and my house, we will not comply.

    1. We need to have a strategy and tactics in place–and I hope some responsible people are working on that. It must not be allowed to happen again!

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