Saving the Nooze for Tomorrow

Judas Maccabeus - Wikipedia

I will not get into this business on the Sabbath day, the day of rest. Yes, I know we’re governed by venom-spitting dindles who think of nothing but new ways to make our lives harder and harder–gotta do it, see, to Save The Planet.

When Judah the Maccabee fought the Seleucid Empire to re-establish his country’s independence, his custom was to refrain from battle on the Sabbath, unless he was attacked and forced to defend himself. For his part, this was a declaration of his trust in God.

Nor did David attack his enemies until the LORD said “Go.”

So let’s rest while we have the chance. Our country needs saving. Our historic liberties are all at risk. Any leader who takes our side, they try to destroy.

Tomorrow we will fight again. We will not permit the Far Left Crazy to devour our country.

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  1. While resting I came across Tucker Carlson’s speech to the Hungarian people in Budapest in which he apologized for the USA leadership trying to force LGBT down their throats. He went on to say our current leaders are idiots and insane.

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