‘So You’re A Racist’ (2019)

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Joe Lockhart’s curtain call: “You’re all racists.”

So if you don’t vote for their guy, you’re a racist. That was their message for 2020, and it’ll be there message again in 2024.

So You’re a Racist…

Were there ever, even in this fallen world, any people more dishonest, more disgusting, than Democrats? Oppose them in any way, differ with them in the smallest detail, and they brand you a “racist” and want you erased.

Stalinists, the whole mob of them.

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  1. Now, now, be fair. They don’t always call you “racist.” Sometimes they call you “white supremacist” or “homophobe” or “transphobe” or “domestic terrorist” or….. (I hope you realize I’m being sardonic here.)

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