They Want to Take Away Your Beer, Too

Biden's alcohol czar warns new guidance could be 2 beers a week

Boy howdy, I didn’t know we had an “alcohol czar”! But we do, one Dr. Koob (rhymes with…)–who sez the government gotta regulate our lifestyles by cutting us back to two drinks (beer or wine) per week.

Men can have two drinks per week, women, one. Is that quite fair?

Back in high school U.S. History we learned the country had Prohibition in the 1920s and it didn’t work worth a damn, all it did was make Organized Crime rich and powerful. Does Dr. Koob not know about that? National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism… “We are comin’ for your beers, pilgrim! We are comin’ for your wine!”

Yeahbut, yeahbut! It’s for our own good! The government knows what’s best for us!

Anything else you’d like to sink your claws into, you vultures nesting on Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue? If we ever needed pest control, we need it now and need it there.

[Editorial note: If they really want to cut back on beer consumption, why not hire Dylan Whatsisname to endorse a lot more brands? Look what he did for Bud Lite.)

4 comments on “They Want to Take Away Your Beer, Too

  1. So what happened to the previous “expert” advice that a glass of wine or beer once a day was actually good for your heart — advice that canceled out the previous “expert” advice to avoid alcohol completely — which contradicted the previous “expert” advice …. and so on and so forth? Ho hum.

    1. My wife likes her small glass of wine before supper. How is that the business of anyone in the government? We’ve got to get rid of these jidrools!

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