What Else Will They Take from Us?

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Let’s see… gas stoves, gas-powered cars, ceiling fans, beer and wine… What else does The Regime intend to take from us?

Really, how far do they mean to go? Children aren’t allowed to drive, or purchase alcoholic beverages, and probably they ought to be kept from operating stoves or ceiling fans. Those are adult things. Are we, as adults, to be forced back into childhood?

Meanwhile, the global government crowd wants to take our meat and make us eat bugs, and live in “15-minute cities” where you can’t drive anything but an electric car that you can’t afford.

And it’s all for our own good, right? Government knows best! We love Big Brother!

Massive, overwhelming, uncompromising civil disobedience–is that where we have to go, if we want to keep our liberty? Our very adulthood?

Early in the 18th century, about the only place in the world where individual liberty survived was on board a pirate vessel. By the end of that century, and by dint of fearless sacrifice, that changed. The United States was born, the Declaration of Independence enshrined, the Constitution ratified.

Let’s not give up on freedom now. It won’t be easy to get it back.

5 comments on “What Else Will They Take from Us?

  1. They are doing their best to convince us that they know better and have our best interests in mind, but it is just the opposite and their ideas sound not only juvenile, but insane and evil.

    1. Elections don’t work anymore. It’s not who votes that count; it’s who counts the votes. At this point, I think we need peaceful civil disobedience by the many.

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