‘I Will Not Comply’

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These are words that deserve to ring down the halls of history: “I will not comply.”

We know–and if we don’t, God help us–that Far Left is aching to bring back the whole deluxe Fun-Pak of COVID restrictions–lockdowns, masks, social distancing… and of course the piece de resistance, those ever-lovin’ mail-in ballots! Heck, it’s already started at some of our looniversities. They want to make sure they’re firmly in the saddle when the next election rolls around.

(“Well, gollllleee, look at that! Democrats win again!”)

Trent Staggs, the mayor of Riverton, Utah, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat, has vowed to refuse to enforce the COVID restrictions. “I will not comply.”

If we want to keep our freedom, tens of millions of us must refuse to comply. Not anymore! You did it to us once and got away with it–but you are not going to get away with it again. We will not comply.

This is America. Not Russia, not China, not Iran. This is America, and government big-shots do not get a free ride on the people’s backs. There’s been way too much of that lately, and it has to stop. They are not our lords and masters: they used to be called public servants!

We will not comply. Your free ride is over. Climb down before you’re pulled down.

4 comments on “‘I Will Not Comply’

  1. I fully agree with your post. Why should a bunch of lawless and unconstitutional people have the right to dictate to others, and what if “others” go along? That makes the “others” just as foolish. We can’t allow this. We are God’s people, not the enemy’s people.

  2. I may buy one of the “I Will Not Comply” t-shirts that I’m starting to see available on a few conservative websites — although considering that we’re headed into fall and winter, I may look for an “I Will Not Comply” sweatshirt instead.

  3. In Maui the Hawaiian law is such that the gov’t can come in and claim the land inhabitable and take possession of it. Yes, were have local and state reps we vote for, but the federal gov’t has unlimited money to buy off our reps who do the feds will and not the people’s. It is called corruption.

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