Win Your Own Sea Serpent!

I’m trying to breathe a little life into this blog. It isn’t easy. But we’re only 3,000 comments away from 100,000, and something ought to mark the occasion.

How’s about we make the prize your very own oarfish? These enormous fish are frequently mistaken for sea serpents; but you can get a little one that’s only twelve feet long or so. They can grow up to 30 feet, so be prepared to enlarge your aquarium.

Shipping costs, don’t ask–like, do you want an oarfish or don’t you? This is for 100,000 comments. Do you think this happens every day?

Any better ideas out there? I’m listening.

4 comments on “Win Your Own Sea Serpent!

  1. Of course Byron would tell you that the prize should be a bicycle. 😁

    By the way, I won’t be around much tomorrow. A friend and I are going on a shopping-and-lunch-and-lots-of-talking outing.

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