Inside ‘the Other Brandon’s’ Head

Chicago mayor's election: Brandon Johnson defeats Paul Vallas

Mayor Brandon Johnson

What’s going on in Brandon Johnson’s head?

Hmm! My city’s got a crime wave. They’re using stolen cars in robberies. They’ve already stolen 20,000 cars this year, and there’s still four months to go. Last year they stole 21,000 cars and the year before that, 14,000. What am I gonna do?

Wait a minute–I know! I mean, I don’t know how to stop the crooks, and anyway I’m a Democrat so I wouldn’t even try… But how about this? I sue the manufacturers for making their cars so easy to steal! Watch out, Kia, watch out, Hyndai–here I come!”

Why didn’t anybody think of this before? Dammit, criminals run away! And then you have to catch them. So much easier to sue the company that makes whatever the poor misunderstood oppressed criminal stole. Hijack a truckload of rubber duckies? Well, heck, they shoulda made duckies that weight 500 pounds each–no one would’ve stolen those!

Okay, c’mon, outta my way–I’ve got to call a press conference! Like, I’ve just figured out how to revolutionize society. And wind up with a crime rate of “0”!

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  1. I have heard that before. But what is just nuts, enough people voted for this crazy man to get him elected! And something else to worry about, what if he wins his lawsuit?

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