‘Is It Still “Our” Government?’ (Newswithviews, Aug. 31)

Next year’s elections may well be our last chance to save our republic.

And in between now and next Election Day, look for Democrats to plug in another Pandemic.

Is It Still ‘Our’ Government?

Lockdowns! Masks! Social Distancing! Shortages! And the jewel in the crown, that mail-in voting! This was the formula that got SloJo into the White House.

Can a country of 333 million people be so easily captured and enslaved? Have they roped us into conniving at our own ruin?

We will know by New Year’s Day, 2025. And by then it’ll be too late.

Stop. Them. Now.

4 comments on “‘Is It Still “Our” Government?’ (Newswithviews, Aug. 31)

  1. That is the question. I am unable to go anywhere now, but I still do communicate somewhat. What I am hearing is the beginning of a “rebellion” against this (I won’t say what, it is not polite).

  2. Our elected officials do not run our gov’t. The Deep State/globalists do, just like they do other countries. They are unelected, serve election cycle after election cycle, and they are calling the shots. The clearest voice on this in America right now is Vivek Ramaswamy. Give him a listen. Trump is the head of the MAGA movement, and Vivek is an affective soldier in the America First army.

  3. We’re in much the same situation here in Canada. There is some speculation that our Prime Dictator will call an election this fall. He called one early in the middle of lockdowns, but failed to get the majority he was after/paid for, so he formed a coalition with our whore party, the NDP. I don’t think he’ll call another election until he’s positive he’s bought and paid for a majority win, and another lockdown would play right into that.

    I don’t know what blows me away more. That our countries could be destroyed from within so quickly by our “leaders”, or that there are so many of our citizens who not only deny that it has happened, but truly believe we’re somehow doing just fine under these “leaders”. Worse are the ones so filled with hate for the opposition that they would rather see our countries go down in flames, rather than accept a party they have been convinced is “evil”, while supporting the ones that truly are evil.

    1. Reminds me of the senator in who, while he was getting beaten to death by government goons, managed to wonder “how a whole country full of clever men” could be so easily taken over by a few mediocre minds.

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