Oh, Chicago! A Bang-Up Ballgame

Raiders fan Mitchell Flores, of Anchorage, Alaska, walks through a metal detector before entering to watch the Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers...

This time the metal detector didn’t work.

I don’t know about you, but it never occurred to me to smuggle a gun into the park when I went to see a ballgame. Back when we used to go to Yankee Stadium, they had no metal detectors to prevent us from bringing our guns to the game. Not that we had any.

A few days ago, at a Chicago White Sox game, two women were shot–they’re calling it an accident–by another woman. Police haven’t nabbed her yet. And how did she get the gun into the ballpark?

Well… She was “hiding it in the folds of belly fat,” ESPN reported (https://revolver.news/2023/08/accidental-shooting-at-white-sox-game-after-woman-hides-gun-in-her-fat-folds/). Chicago has strict gun laws that everyone seems to ignore.

Things like this didn’t used to happen. You could go to a ballgame without getting shot.

This is culture rot, this is failed government, on an epic scale. Our leaders and opinion-shapers are responsible for it. To put it quite simply, you are not safe in any major city run by Democrats.

Are we stuck with it? Is Gun Night at the old ballpark a fad whose time has come?

(And you thought Bill Veeck’s “Disco Sucks Night” was a disaster…)


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    1. Y’know, way back in the 1970s Patty and I were making jokes about “Gun Night.” We never expected it would come true.

  1. A gun was hidden within someone’s fat folds, just how fat was she? You have asked a lot of questions on this blog. Does it seem to you, Americans are getting fatter, a lot lot fatter? Another question I have, for someone being so fat, how did she waddle away quickly enough, to not get caught?

    There are some fat folks here in the Philippines. But I have never seen anyone near as fat as those you will see at any large mall in the cities in the USA.

    Speaking of gun violence, I wrote a bit about that in a book. Consider:

    Many people have warned me, it’s not safe living in the Philippines. Well, how safe are you if you live in Chicago? Depending on which area in the city you reside, you might hear gun battles every day of the week.

    In 2022, 695 homicides took place in Chicago. In the “windy city,” about 3,000 shootings take place each year. And, according to the 2020 census, the population was 2,746,388. Many retort, well, of course, there are many homicides. Chicago is a very crowded city, a large population crammed into a small area.

    Nevertheless, the majority of people in the Philippines, are also crammed into small areas, the larger cities! How many homicides took place in the most crowded city in the world, Manila, in 2022? That year, the entire Greater Manila urban area contained about 22 million people, where 468 homicides were recorded. In 2022, the number of homicides in the Philippines was 1,015, with a population of 115,559,009.

    1. I think people in the Philippines would be terribly disappointed if their country began in any way to resemble Chicago.

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