Good Dog-Bad Dog

This is shown from the cats’ point of view (naturally–who else’s matters?). The one dog gets a friendly greeting. The other gets the bum’s rush–and woe betide him, if those two cats catch him. Disgraceful, isn’t it?

3 comments on “Good Dog-Bad Dog

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog post! It’s interesting to see the cats’ perspective on the situation. The way they differentiate between the treatment of the two dogs is quite amusing.

    I would love to know, what are some other instances where the cats in this story have shown such behavior towards other animals?

    1. I’ll look around for some.
      Meanwhile, we once had two cats and a dog, plus my iguana. He was best friends with the dog and one of the cats, but the other cat he wouldn’t allow in my room. She had a bad habit of pooping on beds, and he wasn’t going to put up with that.

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