How Did This Slip Past Us?

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There’s always a golden calf somewhere, isn’t there?

This happened in 2015, eight years ago, and has only just been noticed.

A pastor at Bethel Church, Redding, California (where else?), gave a sermon in which he claimed that Jesus Christ, Our Savior, asked him, Joe Blow, for forgiveness (

Oh, that “Anything Goes” theology! Our Protestant churches crank it out by the truckload.

Maybe we do deserve the leaders we have, after all.

I doubt it’s necessary for me to critique this pastor’s message.

6 comments on “How Did This Slip Past Us?

  1. Wow, just… wow! Pray this guy sees his egregious error (or battles the obvious demonic influence) and makes a course correction.

  2. I have heard other “pastors” say similar things, but this is close to the top of egregious and evil words I have ever heard, and more so, when they come from a so-called pastor.

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