Your Own Private Air Force

A business owner from Absecon, New Jersey is facing criminal mischief charges after allegedly using a drone to drop green dye into neighborhood pools.

Doesn’t exactly invite one to dive in, does it?

A New Jersey man has been charged with criminal mischief for using a drone to dye the water in a motel’s swimming pool ( The dye turned the water a bright neon green. This happened about a dozen times and cost the motel thousands of dollars to drain and re-fill the pool.

Police say he also did it to a neighbor in a private home.

WHY did he do it? Well, police aren’t sayin’ and neither is his lawyer. The FAA got involved, but they’re not sayin’, either.

People are definitely getting weirder. I mean, this was one hellacious prank for an adult human being to pull, over and over again. Maybe a couple of badly-behaved seventh-graders might think it was a cool thing to do. But we are supposed to grow out of that.

There seem to be a lot of stories in the news like this one. What’s going on? Have we debased our popular culture to the point where now it’s debasing us back?

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  1. Restitution is the biblical punishment. He needs to pay those he harmed double the cost it took to drain the pools and any harm to the pools. And any work-related loss/income to any businesses. He can be fined? Was the government harmed? Why should it receive any money? To whom does the money go that he pays for any fine? Does a fine make the one who was harmed whole? A fine only enriches the government! And does not restore justice to the one harmed.

    Who pays to keep someone in jail? The victims of the crime, when they pay taxes. Yeah, they get victimized twice, the crime, and they pay to keep them locked up.

    Jail time for this offender? There should be none. Restitution is the correct punishment. There will be shame for the offender, and it will cost him a huge amount of money. And justice would be served for the victim was made whole. I call that real justice. God’s way is best.

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