Pushback! In Mexico

Thousands of parents set fire to "Marxist" textbooks in Mexico

A few days ago, thousands of Mexican parents got together to burn “educational materials” that they said featured “Marxist indoctrination” and the usual sex sales pitch (https://civilek.info/en/2023/09/08/thousands-of-youths-set-marxist-textbooks-on-fire-in-mexico/). Objectors said they did not want “the virus of communism” to infect Mexico.

(Pssst! Hey, U.S.! Hey, Canada! This is how it’s done! You don’t have to let them turn your kids into perverted little commies.)

The materials–which have also been described as full of basic errors and misspellings, poor grammar, and sloppy thinking–come from the federal Dept. of Education. It is believed the project is the work of “a former Venezuelan government official” (guess he was taking his act on the road) who had somehow wormed his way into Mexico’s government.

Governors of several Mexican states have declared that they will not allow these materials to be distributed in their states. And there is a petition against these materials that has been signed by 112,000 citizens so far.

It’s government’s move. Will they listen to the people, and back off; or will they just double down on transgender and communism?

I hope the world is watching this.

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  1. USA parents who’ve tried protesting against school materials have been branded by the DOJ as “domestic terrorists,” and in some cases actually arrested.

    1. The only way to stop this is to pull all the kids out of those schools AND RETURN CONTROL OF THE SCHOOLS TO THE COMMUNITIES THEY SERVE. No more state and federal Dept. of (ahem!) “Education”!

  2. I am sure there is much more of this type of thing, then we read about. Behind the scenes, there are good things going on we don’t hear about.

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