Oh, Boy–Fossilized Space Brothers

One of the fossilised corpses in its glass case on display in the Mexican Congress.

Here it is! Where are the X-Files when we need ’em?

As Our Beloved World Leaders seek distraction after distraction for us plebs, they might be hard-pressed to top this.


[The euronews article includes a video link.]

Yowsah, yowsah–“fossilized alien corpses,” supposedly 1,000 years old, a few days ago were put on display for the Mexican Congress. And you think our Congress wastes time.  My wife says, “Stevie Wonder wouldn’t be fooled by these, even if he had Ray Charles to tell him what they look like.”

Thing is, there are people out there who very much want to believe in UFOs, etc. Never mind that every UFO story leads you down a rabbit-hole and then disappears. Like, somewhere Out There, there’s just gotta be a super-advanced race who can straighten out our world. It’s sort of a religion.

Sheesh! You don’t believe in God the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit–but you believe in this? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Meanwhile, we have the Far Left Crazy here saying they’ll weed out all the “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and “malinformation” out of the Internet, leaving nothing but unvarnished truth. Uh-huh. Sure they will. If you think fossilized space aliens are hard to believe in, try that whopper on for size.

(Editor’s Note: No, this is not a satire.)

3 comments on “Oh, Boy–Fossilized Space Brothers

  1. Many of the numerous headlines we now see crammed into the news each DAY would have been bombshell (a word overused to death) enough as the headline of the YEAR, if it had been presented 30 years ago. Compared to the rest of the news, the alien fossil story seems like light entertainment, or comic relief!

  2. This latest “discovery” will turn out to be a hoax like all the rest of them. People can believe in aliens from light years away but can’t believe there is a devil with demonic fallen angels right here on earth.

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