Wow! Glen Campell Plays ‘William Tell’

As I beg the WordPress Happiness Engineers for help with viewers’ notification problems, etc., I thought you might enjoy this video as much as I did.

Wow! Spectacular! I never knew Glen Campbell (d.2017) could make this kind of music. To my generation (and his!), this was the theme music for The Lone Ranger. “Hi-yo, Silver! Away!” Rossini composed it in 1829.

When I think of Glen Campbell, I think Wichita Lineman, By the Time I Get to Phoenix–certainly nothing like this. Man, if I had a horse to jump on, I’m outta here!

Now I guess I’ll wait for the Happiness Engineers to answer me [cue Vincent Price with sardonic laughter].


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  1. Before Glen Campbell was a singing star, he worked as a session guitarist in the LA recording scene. He was quite respected as a guitarist and played on recordings by any number of name artists of his time. There is a documentary called The Wrecking Crew which tells the tale of the session work of the ‘60s and the various anonymous artists that recorded so much of the music we heard in decades past.

    Among this somewhat elite crowd, Campbell was admired as a very capable player, and this was a tough crowd to please. I especially admire his speed and his ability to play cleanly, even when playing at blistering speeds.

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