Phoenix: Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Cars

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By the time they get to Phoenix… they’ll be back in the Middle Ages

The mayor of Phoenix, AZ, wants her city to ban meat, dairy, and privately-owned cars by 203o ( It’ll Save The Planet, dontcha know.

Who the blazes wants to live this way? No steak, no hamburgers, no chops, no milk, no ice cream, no cheese, and no going anywhere unless there’s a bus!

Phoenix is one of 14 U.S. cities, and supposedly over 100 world-wide, on board a globalist pipe dream called “the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. Funded by Mike “I am a god” Bloomberg and other Far Left magnates.

If freedom and prosperity can survive the next few decades, it’ll only be due to God’s personal intervention. Wicked and insane morons, in positions of (ugh!) authority, are running wild, seeking whom they might devour.

How could any civilized country have ever come to this? Have they no sense of shame? Are the world’s peoples addicted to servility?

In Jesus’ name may God defend us. Amen!

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  1. This is happening because they have control of most of the world’s wealth. Black Rock is the main culprit. Alexes Scoros is planning to spend much more money than his dad did on the 2024 election. How do patriotic liberty groups compete? They can’t, except they have something better than money, the favor of the Living God. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.

  2. I wish they would read the Word of God and see where He says ‘they will throw their silver and gold in the streets…” will be worthless. They need to wise up.

  3. I think it is time more Christians got involved with what is going on, instead of just sleeping.

    To answer your question brother, because they can, for not enough people care to stop them. Not enough push back from not enough people.

  4. The depopulation project proceeds. First of all, the human body requires the nutrients in meat and dairy, as even all government nutritional guidelines themselves have acknowledged. Vegans always wind up having to take artificial nutrient supplements — which of course, would be a boon for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Second, such a ban would almost destroy the economy. At one level, ranchers and dairy farmers would suffer. Then groceries, butchers, and other retailers. And of course the intermediaries: truckers and other carriers, food processing plants, and so on. Massive unemployment, land and property foreclosures — much of it bought up, no doubt, for pennies by Bill Gates and the other “elites” or simply repossessed by the government.

    Third, widespread illness and death from malnutrition and depressed immune systems. Maybe a nice famine or two, rioting in the streets, massive response by government forces…. oh, it’s going to be a wonderful utopia.

    1. All those factors on the downside are part of the upside, as far as leftids are concerned. We really are dealing with evil, immoral, and insane creatures.

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