The Fall of Angela Merkel

This is what it looked like before it collapsed.

After two years’ exposure to the elements, an equestrian statue of recently-retired German Chancellor Angela Merkel… has collapsed ( Shades of Dagon. (See 1 Samuel Chapter 5)

Here’s what it looks like now.

The statue was made of “recycled light concrete” (cheap, cheap!).

Looks like they tried to hold it together with duct tape (No, I’m not kidding).

Hello? Is God trying to tell us something here? The statue’s cheap and hollow and it fell apart. It’s also covered with pigeon poop. Or is that just the cheap metallic patina wearing off so you can see the plaster-of-Paris underneath?

He who has eyes to see, let him see.


9 comments on “The Fall of Angela Merkel

  1. What a wonderful illustration of woke policies. It fell apart on its own…ha, ha, ha….

    They tried to hold it together with duct tape…ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… they weren’t ashamed, and didn’t even try to repair it properly. Duct tape… ha, ha, ha,

    Of course, its really not funny, those insane policies and evil, no longer going on behind closed doors, but out in the open, and so many do nothing.

    1. Remember, two years ago–“Green New Deal” was toxic, nobody wanted to admit to supporting it? But now suddenly it’s OK, and libs openly embrace it.
      Something very screwy is going on here.

    2. Yes, Lee, it’s the supersales approach, also used in labor negotiations and also known as the Overton window. Start with something absolutely outrageous which will induce sticker shock. Keep repeating it until people get used to the sound of it. Then dial back a notch to something almost-but-not-quite-as-outrageous, and people are relieved and readier to accept what you’re proposing, something they would have rejected out of hand if you’d started out with it.

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