‘EU Honcho: Time to “Regulate” Media’ (2018)

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Come on–if you can’t trust a guy in jacket and tie… and dungarees (!), who the devil can you trust?

I don’t see how your maimstream (ahem!) nooze media could be made any more subservient to the government than they already are; but apparently the EU was not yet satisfied, a few years back.

EU Honcho: Time to ‘Regulate’ Media

I wonder how far along they’ve come on their “smart media” project. Now they’ve got AI–Artificial Intelligence. It goes with Natural-born Stupid.

May the righteous God utterly and thoroughly confound them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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    1. Or maybe they know just enough about history to love the idea of being overlords, but not enough about history to know that the useful idiots and kingmakers are the first to be disposed of after the overlords are in place.

  1. Dr. Peter McCullough recently spoke to the EU Parliament and pleaded with them to get out of the W.H.O. and not to comply with their mandates. This is amazing. And a PEM in Germany went public saying not to comply.

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