‘The Eye of the Sahara’

Okay, they suckered me into this video by saying “The Lost City Has Been Found in the Sahara.” Somebody’s always finding Atlantis. It turned up in Michigan once.

In this video, NO “lost city” was found. Instead, we are shown a weird geographical feature in the Sahara Desert.

“The Eye of the Sahara” is an enormous crater-like depression in the earth, within the country of Mauritania. Nobody goes there. It’s almost flat at the bottom, and can be seen from outer space. No one knows what exactly it is or how it was formed. And there’s tons of fish fossils around, indicating that this part of the Sahara was once under water. Deep water.

There’s also a lot of Stone Age tools left lying about the outer reaches of the Eye. Not the stuff lost cities are made of. It may be that thousands of years ago our forefathers found this a congenial place to live.

Much of this video is idle speculation and yarn-spinning. Geologists have studied the Eye and found nothing sublimely mysterious about it. But maybe their speculations are yarns, too.

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  1. The Sahara used to be covered with forests, but they were cut down for firewood. The Dust Bowl in the 1930’s mostly caused by the hottest summers on record. Yes, the Climate Change hoaxers only go back a couple of decades, the liars.

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