‘God’s Blessing: Nations’

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When God (in Genesis 11) confounded human language and made it impossible to complete the Tower of Babel, it was seen by the human race as a punishment.

But it really was a blessing.

God’s Blessing: Nations

How ancient is the dream of global government! And imagine the mischief we’d get up to, if we ever had it. For all they do wrong, our nations are nevertheless a protection from crimes made infinitely worse by the power of government.

We can hardly be trusted with our own national governments. God knows what a world government would do to us.

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  1. On the money, Lee. We are, in many ways, at a Babel situation. TCP/IP based telephony has given us the ability to make international telephone calls for no cost. It’s not at all uncommon for me to collaborate with people in India, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany, plus the US and Australia. I even had a call to the Ukraine a few days back.

    Even calls to other English speaking countries can be fraught with miscommunication, and when speaking to people in countries where English is not the common tongue, there can be serious communications problems.

    Mine is not an isolated situation, either; a lot of people are now working remotely on multiple continents, and it is causing difficulties, both in language, but also in working across multiple time zones. Even my coworkers in the Eastern US are offset enough from my timezone for there to be problems.

    The Flood, and Babel are not stories to amuse us. These were significant events in world history, and God only acts for good reason.

  2. A true world gov’t consummate would be tyrannical. That is why globalist like Bill Gates want to depopulate the planet. There’s no way they can control every aspect of everyone lives when 8 billion people are in existence. Do they really think the Islamic nations are going to go woke? It is bad enough we have so many churches in the West that are anti-gospel.

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