Tippy Canoe (and Sailboat, Too)

It’s Sunday–let’s relax!

It’s as easy as falling out of a boat, and practically anyone can do that. I never mastered the art of falling out of a boat, but a friend of mine had a black belt in it. A boat didn’t even have to be in the water for him to fall out. How many times have I seen the waters close over his astonished face?

2 comments on “Tippy Canoe (and Sailboat, Too)

  1. Just one rock in the water…and you have to hit it (1:01)

    Lesson 101: Don’t stand in the boat! I learned that, and never fell out of a boat. Of course, some of those folks were sitting and still fell out. For those folks, Lesson 102: Stay away from boats. Never get in a boat.

  2. The one where the little dog was paddling along in the front was pretty cute.

    My experience with boats is pretty limited, but ik ow my limitations and stay away.

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