Governed by Idiots: Asheville, NC, Edition

It occurs to me that we could actually destroy our country, bring it to an end, by continuing to do what we’re doing and allowing idiots, fools, thieves, and psychopaths to run the government. Meanwhile, they’re doing a helluva job on our cities. For instance, Asheville, North Carolina.

City Sued for Making Race a Qualification for Commissioners

“Human Relations Commission,” whose stated purpose is “to promote and improve human relations and achieve equity among all citizens by carrying out the city’s human relations programs.”

Aw, yoosh! Carry it out to the curb, willya–so the garbage truck can pick it up.

They’ve got all these racial and sociological boxes to check, so when regular people apply for seats on the board, they’re told to get lost. What they want–to achieve equity–is six Blacks (with a capital B), two Latinx (with the x), two persons aged 18-25, two living in public housing, two sexual deviants… blah-blah=blah. So now they’re being sued by one of those regular persons who was told to hit the road because he couldn’t be used to check off any boxes.

That’s what blithering drooling numbskulls call “equity.”

So all any of us is, is the sum of our externals? This is hopelessly bad. This is how you bring down a civilization. Our cities are failing. Careful not to step in anything as you walk down the sidewalk. And do try to avoid getting stabbed in a vital spot when they mug you.

When the government grows so overlarge that no job is too small, too trivial, too silly, or just plain impossible… well, kimosabe, looks like we’re headed for the end of the road.

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  1. “Kimosabe,” and “looks like we’re headed to the end of the road,” eh? You know what Tonto would reply to that, don’t you? “What you mean ‘we,’ regular person?” 😁

  2. Gov. Newsome said he would appoint a black woman to replace Sen. Diane Feinstein – and that is exactly what he did. He also made sure she is the most pro-abortion person on the planet.

    1. As Democrats see it, we are NOTHING but the sum total of our externals.
      How is the Senate not disgraced by the quality of its senators?

  3. My province just gave the NDP – the New Democrat Party – a majority win last night. We’re going to be in for a whole lot of this garbage over the new few years. It’s bad enough our Prime Dictator is an idiot. Until now, our Premiers were the only thing holding the line for ordinary citizens. Not in our province anymore. Too bad our “conservative” party isn’t really conservative.

    I wonder how many people voted for them to prove they aren’t racist, since their current leader is First Nations?

    I didn’t vote for either of them, but not all our ridings had my choices.

    The US and Canada are both on the road to destruction.

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