The Rest of the Day

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I wish I could go back to bed.

The doctor says our cat is pretty much okay–but she sure isn’t acting like she’s pretty much okay. We are puzzled and worried.

Gotta pick up Patty’s prescription.

I was going to get back to work on my book, but that was before I realized I hadn’t yet written my Newswithviews piece for the week. And I have no idea what to write about. The nooze is just depressing me. And it’s hard to focus when all this other stuff is going on. How do you pick just one aspect of this mess to write about?

At least it’s not raining. Let’s set up outside and see if we can write a column.

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  1. I call all these piles of chores and concerns the daily swarm of gnats — harder in some ways to deal with than major catastrophes. Why gnats? Well, one housefly you can swat and be done with it, but a swarm of gnats is unswatable and unshooable and unbearable. I’m flailing around in a swarm of them myself this week.

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