Victor Davis Hanson: ‘No One Can Rule the World’

Historian Victor Davis Hanson looked back on over 2,000 years of global governance schemes and analyzes why every single one of them failed… and why such schemes as are hatched today will also fail.

I would like to add that there is a rightful King, Jesus Christ, whose right it is to rule the world. He is not just the only one with a right to rule; He is the only one who can. Because worldly governments administered by worldly men and women, sinners all, acting on false or incomplete information, emotion, wishful thinking, and sometimes outright folly… are not capable of ruling all the other poor chumps.

They’ve given up trying to get their global government by force of arms and have switched their methods to seduction, manufactured chaos, and the worst education systems in human history. Anything to gain power over us “useless eaters” (that’s what the No. 2 clop in the World Economic Forum calls us plebs)!

God’s not gonna let you do it, chumley. It’s foolish to try.



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  1. You are so right in what you wrote. It is so very easy to see through all their foolish schemes if only you know even a little of the Scripture.

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