What Makes People Fat? (You’ll Never Guess!)

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Discrimination drove them to it! Ask the Science.

I know–you’re probably thinking “some combination of too much food and not enough exercise,” that’s what makes people fat.

But Science says you’re wrong!

“Experiencing discrimination” is a major factor in obesity (https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/discrimination-may-disrupt-brain-gut-talk-raising-risk-obesity-study-f-rcna118558). Science says so, and Science is always right! Unfortunately, the article from NBC News does not make it clear who performed this survey.

Next question: what do we do about it?

Government action, of course! Another job for government! Get rid of discrimination “through policy changes”!

“More government” is the answer to every human woe. Government policies based on Science: could anything be more wise? More certain of success? No way!

Now, thanks to Science, we have discovered that when people are feeling low, they reach for comfort foods.

Uh, wait a minute… Did we already know that?

7 comments on “What Makes People Fat? (You’ll Never Guess!)

  1. The more I see of “science” the more I understand why science was my least liked subject in school. I always thought it was nonsense, and now my belief is confirmed.

  2. Well government programs certainly add to the weight of government employees — in their wallets and bank accounts, that is.

  3. Real science is just a method, a four or five step process of asking questions, observation, and testing. That article was not science, but pure stupidity.

    There is a cure for obesity. Self-control, your control over what goes in your mouth. There are some, because of injury or other cause, are not able to exercise or workout. But still, that is not an excuse to become fat or obese or gain weight. Most of us already know what food causes weight gain, and what foods help us to lose weight. I do not believe you can get fat eating just fresh fruit and raw vegetables. And those foods, the proper amounts and kinds will provide all the nutrients needed to be healthy.

    Fasting, when done every once in a while, is also a good thing. Yeah, you will not gain weight, if you eat no food. Eat the proper food, and you will lose weight.

    Again, self-control is the key, you can control what you eat!

  4. The federal gov’t was meant to provide defense from enemies, and to make sure true justice prevails between the States. So, what has caused the federal gov’t to get so big and wide, high and deep? Greed, mostly, plus all the other sins of the flesh.

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