Evil ‘Trans’ Lobby Loses Court Case

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Oh, disaster! Oh, ruin! A federal court has ruled against castrating little boys and lopping the breasts off little girls! Tantrum time!


Nooze organizations, Far Left wackos (but I repeat myself), “educators,” and the ACLU are screaming at the skies after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Tennessee’s (and by extension, Kentucky’s) ban on “gender-affirming care.” That’s the euphemism they use for those barbaric and satanic procedures.

The two states have banned puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and “gender surgeries.” The Tennessee law bans child castration. The Democrat Party’s drive to pull America down to the level of the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century has been stalled. 

Note the NBC nooze link–you’d think someone had come along and taken away their Christmas.

I believe the “transgender” movement is the worst thing the human race has ever done. My imagination balks at looking beyond that.

Thank you, 6th Circuit.

5 comments on “Evil ‘Trans’ Lobby Loses Court Case

  1. I have an extreme aversion to irreversible decisions, of any sort, when it comes to the body. When it comes to an elective procedure involving minors, I would advise even greater caution. I can’t imagine these surgical procedures being prescribed for a minor.

    1. It amounts to sterilization. If that takes place at scale, it’s pretty hard for any civilization to prosper. China has long since given up on its “one child” policy, but they are in deep trouble, demographically, because of having enforced this in the past.

  2. Remember when Obama Ad brought over tons of Muslims to live in the good old USA, and these religious people were operating on young women’s genitals to numb them during sexual pleasure? What an uproar there was for that, and laws quickly passed to outlaw it. Today we have a different society. Whose fault is this anyway? The Bible says God’s judgment first begins with Christ’s church.

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