Baby Rhinos Are… Nice

Well, yes–they are nice. And cute. Here we have black rhinos, white rhinos, and Indian rhinos, and they all have charming babies. Although before you adopt one as a pet, make sure you have a way to cope with them wallowing in mud-holes. It can be hard on your living room rug.

7 comments on “Baby Rhinos Are… Nice

    1. A couple of chickens and a rhino or two and you’ve got a “Jurassic Farm” 😁.

      I’ve always wondered why no one ever tamed rhinos like horses. A much more formidable battle mount, I would think.

    2. That’s awesome (and makes me more than a little jealous, heh)! I wrote battle rhinos into one of my finished-but-unrevised novels so that’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to a rhino-back ride.

    3. I got to shake Hallet’s hand once. I’m six feet tall, but next to him I looked like a little boy.
      Maybe his rhino was impressed.

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