‘When a Phony “Social Scientist” Hoodwinked the Media’ (2020)

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This is a cautionary tale: how pure crapola winds up being exalted as “Science.” As in “Follow the science!” And “The Science is settled–so shut up!”

When a Phony ‘Social Scientist’ Hoodwinked the Media

We saw The London Times completely taken in by a supposed “social scientist” who had no advanced degrees in anything and whose “published scientific papers” were, in fact, published in an amateur magazine.

I checked. I talked to the Times reporter and to the man who published the magazine. They admitted to having been gulled. But in the meantime this guy was all over the place, babbling about how Science “proves” that “religiosity”–by which he means Christianity–is bad. For a couple of weeks there, he was media royalty.

Yes, you should be skeptical of “science.”

And the media.

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