Yes, You Can Ride a Rhino

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See? Easy as pie!

Jean-Pierre Hallet, a one-time Belgian colonial official in Central Africa, believed that just about any animal could be won over with kindness and patience. To prove it, he tamed an adult rhinoceros. He named it Pierrot and used to ride on its back. There was also a ball game they could play together. We’ve seen several videos of baby rhinos playing with humans: maybe they don’t grow out of the urge to play.

Hallet wrote some best-selling books in the 1960s, and I had the pleasure of meeting him. He was a very big man. Maybe the rhino should’ve been riding him.

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  1. Seems a little strange, but not nearly as strange in my opinion as a thing I saw yesterday on TV of a couple preparing and cooking an octopus to eat!!.. Wow, can’t imagine that.

    1. I’ve had octopus, both as a cold side dish (like a salad) and in a pasta sauce, and it’s very good.

  2. I never wanted to eat squid. Well, I have eaten it unknowingly two times. We used to eat at a restaurant here that served Chop Suey. I liked it, but there was something in it I didn’t like. The third time we ate there, I asked what were all the ingredients. It turned out what I didn’t like was squid.

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