Is There a Mountain Lion in the House?

(Suggested by “Unknowable.” His cat’s a fan.)

This nice couple has a pet cougar named Messi. That’s him lounging on the couch. He also has his own cougar bed.

Jean-Pierre Hallet said just about any animal responds to love and affection; and to prove it, he tamed an adult rhino and used to ride around on its back.

Messi acts like a great big pussycat. It’s very nice that he hasn’t eaten either of his humans yet.

Oh, well. Iguanas are supposed to be fierce and grumpy, but mine was just a big green pussycat.

Cat Luvs Rhinoceros

I remember when rhinos were described as animated tanks that’d attack anything that crossed their path: practically brainless, not nice at all.

That was all bunk.

Jean-Pierre Hallet (Animal Kitabu) said practically any animal will respond to kindness and affection. And to prove it, he tamed a full-grown rhino named Pierrot. He used to ride on Pierrot’s back.

So the cat found this orphaned rhino calf a soft touch. As you can see.

A Rompin’ Rhino

You don’t generally think of a rhinoceros frolicking–but hey, babies are babies. This little guy is playing with his zookeeper. His momma is just a few yards away–a situation which, in the wild, might be fraught with danger for the keeper.

For the longest time rhinos were portrayed as bad-tempered, wantonly aggressive animals. But in the 1950s Jean-Pierre Hallet tamed an adult male rhino and used to ride around on him. Love and kindness did the trick, he said. It usually does.