World’s First Cities: Dangerous Places to Live?

Research finds dramatic increase in cranial traumas as the first cities were being built, suggesting a rise in violence

Cranial trauma: someone didn’t live through this.

An international team of scientists, studying the ruins of the earliest cities of the Middle East, have made a startling claim.

The world’s first cities, they claim, were very violent places ( They studied more than 3,500 skeletons and found a high incidence of cranial trauma. Apparently people settled their differences permanently.

Later in history, as cities developed laws and governments, the level of violence ebbed–to rise up again when the Bronze Age civilizations collapsed circa 1200 B.C. Well, there’s a lot of trouble when whole nations go belly-up.

Oddly, when I found the article on Free Republic, all the commenters had the same thought I had–construction accidents. It couldn’t have been easy, building a walled city circa 5,000 B.C. Not much in the way of safety devices. I mean, I thought the point of living in a city was to enjoy greater personal security.

Yeah, uh-huh. Our own cities, here and now, are drowning in crime. Maybe our ancestors were the first to defund the police.

Would any serious reader of Genesis expect our earliest cities to be anything but hotbeds of crime and violence?

And our cities today are nothing to write home about.

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  1. The intensity in big cities just became more heightened with Justin Trudeau, the NY Times, and Hamas all saying Israel bombed a Gaza hospital when it was one of Hamas’ faulty rockets, and there is evidence to prove it (but the Jew-haters won’t believe it).

  2. Here is a bit from a new book manuscript I am writing that is being edited.

    Many people have warned me, it’s not safe living in the Philippines. Well, how safe are you if you live in Chicago? Depending on which area in the city you reside, you might hear gun battles every day of the week.
    In 2022, 695 homicides took place in Chicago. In the “windy city,” about 3,000 shootings take place each year. And, according to the 2020 census, the population was 2,746,388. Many retort, well, of course, there are many homicides. Chicago is a very crowded city, a large population crammed into a small area.
    Nevertheless, the majority of people in the Philippines, are also crammed into small areas, the larger cities! How many homicides took place in the most crowded city in the world, Manila, in 2022? That year, the entire Greater Manila urban area contained about 22 million people, where 468 homicides were recorded. In 2022, the number of homicides in the Philippines was 1,015, with a population of 115,559,009.
    In 2022, 214 homicides took place in my home town, Milwaukee. Moreover, throughout much of the USA in 2020, there were great disturbances within many Democratically controlled cities. How safe were people living in those cities during the riots? There are about 80,000 or so that live in our area, and there have been 8 murders since we have been here. That’s less than one a year (of course it’s tragic for the person killed and their family). I have heard of just one rape in all that time and a few robberies. Of course, if you want to keep anything of value, do not leave it outside for any length of time. As with all cities and countries, there are always regions and districts that have high crime rates, and neighborhoods it’s best to stay away from any time of the day.

  3. I live in a northern suburb of Detroit – not safe, but better than the city. My son lives by himself in Albuquerque with ever increasing crime. But he lives there to work on the airbase. My daughter lives by herself in a relatively safe pocket in Milwaukee. She loves it, but crime is rapidly rising. Equally dangerous foreign places are more difficult to live in partially because we don’t understand the nuances of the culture, as well as we understand our own. But vast numbers of non-assimilating migrants invading western cultures globally seriously complicate our efforts to adapt to the changes. — Just some observations . . .

    1. What’s happening in Israel is going to happen in other countries whose governments have been careless and stupid about “immigration.”
      It’s going to come down to this: either we do as Ferdinand and Isabella did, and deport them all… or perish.

    2. A relatively safe pocket in Milwaukee…well, I lived in Milwaukee, the northwest side (near 91st and Mill Road) all my life, until I moved to the Philippines. There are some places you do not want to live. But even when I left, there were places that, had at one time been safe to live, but were no longer safe, for crime was becoming a problem.

      Where does she consider a safe pocket?

  4. I don’t know exactly where in Milwaukee. She recently moved within the city. She’s 31, my youngest, and has traveled Europe solo several times. She was in Atlanta 4 years. She knows a lot about how to stay safe, sometimes learning the hard way. She’s conservative and knows what’s going on, but is in denial that violence is going to catch up with almost everyone in our present world. I leave her in God’s hands and try not to worry.

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