‘Do Inanimate Objects Think?’ (2018)

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You can’t tell me that cars, refrigerators, floor lamps, etc., etc., don’t have minds of their own. Well, you could tell me–but I’d find it hard to believe you.

Do Inanimate Objects Think?

Yes, the old toilet used to give us fits. It only worked when it was in the mood. Or when it was threatened with replacement. We finally got a new one. I hope it understands what happened to its predecessor.

As for cars–well, with the money we spend on them, and all the agita, you’d think they’d be more grateful…

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  1. When computers go astray, we say gremlins have gotten into the works. Those of us who’ve done some programming know that “The computer says” such-and-such is nonsense. It’s the programmer who’s set up the output by means of his or her own input. Of course, that’s just the software. I’m not so sure about the hardware. (Just joking.) Anyway, it’s all the fault of those gremlins.

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