Another Threat to Our Democracy!

Progressives slam Pelosi ice cream stunt in election post mortem

Bongo Bakeries Inc., makers of Fishy Flakes (tuna-flavored sweetened cereal) and Bob’s Toothpaste Sandwich Cookies, is about to release a new commercial starring former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. A far from reliable source, but you know what sources are, these days, has leaked it to us (

Posed in front of her special freezer jammed full of really expensive gourmet ice cream, Pelosi asserts, “If you ever voted for Donald Trump, you are a threat to our democracy! And if you ever buy General Mills instead of Bongo Bakeries, you are another threat to our democracy!”

Release of the ad is timed to coincide with Mrs. Pelosi’s Threat To Our Democracy Tour. “Face it, everybody–you can’t have a Democracy without Democrats! Just like you shouldn’t have breakfast without Bongo.”

The Tour will highlight other current threats to Democracy, including persons who are not Democrats, privately-owned cars, reading, eating meat products, tying the right shoe first instead of the left shoe, The Common People owning their own homes, birthdays, and staying up late. Et cetera.


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  1. Democrats are clueless about how their slippery grasp on reality gives such opportunities for humor!

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