Crimes Against the Quality of Life

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Supposedly the most obnoxious commercial out there, just now. I’m so glad I wouldn’t know.

Suddenly YouTube is lousy with commercials. Like freakish monsters climbing out of an untended culture vat, they’re all over the place–even plugged into the middle of videos, like old-time TV commercials. By Jove, if they ever did that to movies that people were paying $20 a pop to see–! But who says that can’t happen?

Our town has taken away the free ten minutes they used to give you on the parking meter. Now the minimum charge is a dollar. You’re in the store for five minutes to buy a cup of coffee or a yo-yo, and they want a dollar.

Suddenly we’ve got all these goniffs with their hands in our pockets, fishing for our wallets. And this is not to feed the hungry or clothe the naked. It’s to make rich corporations and swollen local governments richer. At our expense.

I got used to YouTube having no commercials–except for some that were read by the host of the video, having to pretend he was an enthusiastic patron of Acme Nose Hair Remover or what have you. I am embarrassed for them.

So what’s the next irritation going to be? What’s the next sharp pebble they stick into our shoe?

I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

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  1. Yup, they’ve also redone the parking meters in a large swath of my city as well. In my sector, it used to be a quarter for 20 minutes, i.e., 75¢ an hour. Now they’ve gone all digital, no more cash. Where the meters used to be, there are now posts with a serial number indicating the block. You have to send a text to a certain number, giving your license plate number, the block serial number, and your credit or debit card number, along with the amount of time you want to reserve. If you go over, you can extend the time if you’ve downloaded their app, or else start over. People who’ve used the new system tell me there’s an additional usage fee, but other people say they haven’t seen this. Myself, I wouldn’t want to give the city my credit card number or information on where I’ve parked and for how long. Oh, and by the way, the new fee is in half-hour increments now, at 75¢ per half hour, or in other words, twice the price of the old system. And all for the benefit of letting the city spy on you. What people without smart phones are supposed to do, I do not know.

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